SBT Task: flywayRepair

Repairs the Flyway metadata table. This will perform the following actions:

  • Remove any failed migrations on databases without DDL transactions
    (User objects left behind must still be cleaned up manually)
  • Correct wrong checksums


> sbt flywayRepair


Parameter Required Default Description
flywayUrl YES The jdbc url to use to connect to the database
flywayDriver NO Auto-detected based on url The fully qualified classname of the jdbc driver to use to connect to the database
flywayUser NO The user to use to connect to the database
flywayPassword NO The password to use to connect to the database
flywaySchemas NO default schema of the connection Case-sensitive list of schemas managed by Flyway.
The first schema will be the one containing the metadata table.
flywayTable NO schema_version The name of Flyway's metadata table.
By default (single-schema mode) the metadata table is placed in the default schema for the connection provided by the datasource.
When the flyway.schemas property is set (multi-schema mode), the metadata table is placed in the first schema of the list.
flywayLocations NO filesystem:src/main/resources/db/migration Locations to scan recursively for migrations. The location type is determined by its prefix.
Unprefixed locations or locations starting with classpath: point to a package on the classpath and may contain both sql and java-based migrations.
Locations starting with filesystem: point to a directory on the filesystem and may only contain sql migrations.
flywaySqlMigrationPrefix NO V The file name prefix for Sql migrations
flywayRepeatableSqlMigrationPrefix NO R The file name prefix for repeatable Sql migrations
flywaySqlMigrationSeparator NO __ The file name separator for Sql migrations
flywaySqlMigrationSuffix NO .sql The file name suffix for Sql migrations
flywayEncoding NO UTF-8 The encoding of Sql migrations
flywayPlaceholderReplacement NO true Whether placeholders should be replaced
flywayPlaceholders NO Placeholders to replace in Sql migrations
flywayPlaceholderPrefix NO ${ The prefix of every placeholder
flywayPlaceholderSuffix NO } The suffix of every placeholder
flywayResolvers NO Fully qualified class names of custom MigrationResolver implementations to be used in addition to the built-in ones for resolving Migrations to apply.
flywaySkipDefaultResolvers NO false Whether default built-in resolvers (sql, jdbc and spring-jdbc) should be skipped. If true, only custom resolvers are used.
flywayCallbacks NO Fully qualified class names of FlywayCallback implementations to use to hook into the Flyway lifecycle.
flywaySkipDefaultCallbacks NO false Whether default built-in callbacks (sql) should be skipped. If true, only custom callbacks are used.

Sample configuration

flywayDriver := "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver"

flywayUrl := "jdbc:hsqldb:file:target/flyway_sample;shutdown=true"

flywayUser := "SA"

flywayPassword := "mySecretPwd"

flywaySchemas := Seq("schema1", "schema2", "schema3")

flywayTable := "schema_history"

flywayLocations := Seq("classpath:migrations1", "migrations2", "filesystem:/sql-migrations")

flywaySqlMigrationPrefix := "Migration-"

flywayRepeatableSqlMigrationPrefix := "RRR"

flywaySqlMigrationSeparator := "__"

flywaySqlMigrationSuffix := "-OK.sql"

flywayEncoding := "ISO-8859-1"

flywayPlaceholderReplacement := true

flywayPlaceholders := Map(
  "aplaceholder" -> "value",
  "otherplaceholder" -> "value123"

flywayPlaceholderPrefix := "#["

flywayPlaceholderSuffix := "]"

flywayResolvers := Seq("com.mycompany.CustomResolver", "com.mycompany.AnotherResolver")

flywaySkipDefaultResolvers := false

flywayCallbacks := Seq("com.mycompany.CustomCallback", "com.mycompany.AnotherCallback")

flywaySkipDefaultCallbacks := false

Sample output

> sbt flywayRepair

[info] Repair not necessary. No failed migration detected.